We believe that the state is where people are - just as people are where there is work, a healthy and safe future for children. The Republic of Serbia is the only country that we, the citizens, have. We are the only people our country can count on today and in the future. We know how to stop further decline and offer a new agreement on the future of Serbia and Southeast Europe.


In their intentions and actions, the Greens of Serbia rely on the experiences of other Green Parties in Europe and the world. This means protecting the environment, promoting sustainable development of society, developing new perspectives in the European Union, encouraging dialogue and working to develop conflict prevention and non-violence in Europe, as well as participating in the development of alternative global structures in cooperation with Green Parties .

Serbia needs a new direction. The financial crisis and the failure of economic and social policy have led to Serbia facing a complex crisis that manifests itself in all aspects of our lives. This crisis should be seen as a signal that it is necessary to transform the economic and social system in our country. Change it into such a system that will offer new foundations for the present and the future on the principles of consistency and sustainability.

Social and economic development depends on environmental resources, the health of citizens, the state's ability to resist pressures and renew its resources. Today, we live with the responsibility to preserve the future and protect the heritage for new generations.

The Greens of Serbia, as a political party, bases its commitment and goals on organized action in the direction of:
- environmental protection and ecological wisdom
- social justice and solidarity
- direct democracies
- sustainability and green economy
- respect for diversity and human rights
- prevention of all forms of violence
In achieving its goals and program commitments, the Greens of Serbia cooperate with associations, individuals, representatives of the business sector, local and national authorities and political parties in the country and abroad.
The Green Party of Serbia is organized on a territorial principle and includes the entire membership and all organizational forms of the Party.
The Greens of Serbia in legal transactions act as one legal entity, through the activities of its members, movements, organs and bodies of the organization as a whole.
The original form of organizing the Greens of Serbia is the Movement.