The Greens of Serbia are a political party operating on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The party regulated its activities in accordance with the valid Law on Political Parties. The activities of the Green Party of Serbia are defined through the Party Program and the Statute as the main general act. The representative of the Greens of Serbia is the president of the party Ivan M. Karić.
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Green Manifest 2025

Documents - The draft program strategy "Green Manifesto 2025" is an inspiration for a dialogue on the program harmonization of the Greens of Serbia and all green and environmental forms that are interested in participating. It is the basis for dialogue with our partners and individuals, organizations and institutions. The draft "Green Manifesto 2025" will contribute to the planning and conduct of political actions, as the basic methods of the party, based on the concept of identifying and defining problems and proposing solutions as goals. The coordinator for drafting the document is Dušan Jakovljević.

Documents - STATUTE of the political party Greens of Serbia – DOWNLOAD Program
Documents - PROGRAM of the political party Greens of Serbia – DOWNLOAD GMO Act
Documents - Draft Law on GMO submitted to the Assembly of Serbia on October 23, 2011. – DOWNLOAD