Biography and activism

Ivan Karic, 36 year old, belongs to a group of young politicians with meaningful experience in environmental protection, research, ecology and environmental activism.

After geological and hydrometeorological high school “Milutin Milankovic”, he graduated from the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade. Along with the current professional responsibilities as Head of flood defense for the city of Belgrade, he is finalizing the master studies at the Faculty of Applied Ecology “Futura”, University “Singidunum”.

His interest in research and scientific work starts from the elementary school, participating in the work of national and international research camps, programs and projects since 1990. In his biography, a special
place is reserved for Young Researchers of Serbia (chairman between 2001. and 2005.), Research Station in Petnica and geological camps on the mountain Radan and the river Pek (that he organized and directed in the 1996, 1997 and 2000, through Geological research association “Jovan Zujovic”). He also participated in editing scientific and popular magazine “National Geographic Junior”.

As deputy director of the Fund for Environmental Protection of Obrenovac (, from 2004 to 2008, Ivan brought Obrenovac a better environment protection and provided regular pollution information to its citizens. He initiated and launched a series of very important projects and studies, such as Cadastre of pollution and Cadastre of erosion and landslides and preliminary and detailed project of Wastewater treatment plant. He conceived and established the first automated monitoring station for twenty-four-hour pollution and air quality monitoring and made the measuring data publicly available in real time. In that period, he started a reforestation project of Zabran resort and organized climate recovery in Soko Banja, Rudnik and Goc for about 4,000 preschool and school children.

Areas of Ivan´s scientific work are the environment (environmental policy, legislation, standardization, degraded areas) and geology (study of ore deposits and geo-strategic mineral resources). He is author of numerous scientific papers and publications and an active participant in conferences and meetings, both at home and abroad.

He is married, father of three years old son Dusan. He lives in his hometown Obrenovac.