Европска Зелена Партија позива на протестни марш против употребе фосилних горива

Подсећања ради, председник Зелених Србије, Иван М. Карић, је о смањењу улагања у фосилна горива говорио у Народној Скупштини, што је касније преведено на енглески језик ради интернационалног преношења поруке.

Карић је напоменуо да обично када се постави питање на које то све начине фосилна горива стварају еколошке проблеме, прво се помисли на киселе кише и глобално загревање. Ове појаве су две најозбиљније еколошке последице везане за глобално сагоревање фосилних горива. Други еколошки проблеми, као што су раскопавање земљишта и изливања нафте, такође су тесно повезани са експлоатацијом и транспортовањем фосилних горива.

Гардијан: Глобални дан престанка инвестиција у фосилна горива – www.zelenisrbije.org

Come to the protest march against fossil fuel dinosaurs!

Come to the protest march against fossil fuel dinosaurs! - www.europeangreens.eu


Lusatia is a region southeast of Berlin where huge lignite mines are destroying the environment and producing one of the worst drivers of climate change: coal. Lignite is the dirtiest coal that exists and the mines in Lusatia produce the most CO2 in Europe. You can find the “International Coal Atlas”, published by the Heinrich Böll foundation, here, with facts and figures on fossil fuels – it shows that Germany leads worldwide when it comes to burning dirty coal.

Therefore, the mine is one of the iconic symbols of the fossil fuel industry that is wrecking our climate, with potentially catastrophic impacts. Read here why it is so important to be part of the movement against fossil fuels. Vattenfall, the company that owns the mine, is now willing to sell it to a Czech company that will continue burning coal instead of closing the mine and starting the region on a transition towards renewable energies.

At the 2015 Paris climate summit, 195 governments committed to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius. Especially in the Global South climate change exacerbates already extreme poverty and hunger. But if the rise in global temperature is to be limited to a level that will avoid very dangerous climate change, 60 to 80 percent of fossil fuels cannot be burned.

As part of the global Break Free Week, in which people all over the globe call for keeping coal, oil and gas in the ground, the European Greens are calling out for people to join the central demonstration against fossil fuels that will take place in Lusatia.

Join our Co-Chair Reinhard Bütikofer, MEP Ska Keller and many other Greens from Europe and be part of the movement to divest from fossil fuels!

If you have any questions, please contact our Campaign Manager

WHEN: The demonstration will start at 1 PM on May 14.

WHERE: The protest march will go from Welzow to Proschim.

HOW to get there:

By bus

From Berlin: There will be a “Green bus” to Lusatia. It leaves at 10.15 AM at the train station Berlin-Südkreuz (8 euros for adults, 5 euros for students, kids free). If you want to register for this bus, please send an e-mail to our Campaign Manager.

From other parts of Europe: There will be buses departing from many European cities already on Wednesday or Thursday to join Ende Gelände. You can also use these buses to join the demonstration. Find more information here.

By train

Take the train to Neupetershain station. Find out here how to get there. From there, shuttles will take you to the starting point of the demonstration. For example, from Leipzig take RE 16513 at 10:00 or from Dresden take RE 18408 at 10:50 (both arrive at 12:22).

By bike

You can also cycle to Lusatia with like-minded people. Find all the information here.

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