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Oригиналaн текст можете погледати овде : Serbia – Greens call for GMO hearings

Ivan Karić, a Member of Parliament and the president of the Greens of Serbia, has addressed the Committee for Environmental Protection of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and called for a public hearing on the impacts of GMOs on the environment and human health.

The initiative comes only days after the publication of a scientific research by Seralini (LINK), which shows the results of a two-years study on the effects of GMOs on rats, the first research of such duration ever conducted on the impacts of GMOs. The maximum duration of  previous similar toxicological experiments was three months and the majority of these tests had not been bound and systematically applied in industry.

The results were extremely worrying: increased mortality in all groups of rats fed with GMOs, increased liver and kidney disease and development of large tumors, especially in female. Most of these changes began to appear after the fourth month of testing. These data made the current practice of quarterly testing completely invalid.

«The latest scientific evidence requires us to re-examine the way in which we estimate the safety of GMOs before they reach the market», said Ivan Karić of the Serbian Greens. «This study is the signal that a total ban on the production and marketing of GMOs in Serbia is long due. Our people should not become hostages in the hands of GMO producers for mere economic interests and faulty laws».

The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament urged Mr. Dali, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, to refuse all requests for approval of breeding and trading of GMOs. It also seeks to revoke the issued license for MON810 corn, Amflora tomatoes and all imported soybean.

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