Зелени Србије у билтену Европске Зелене Партије

Oригиналaн текст можете погледати овде : Serbia – Greens call for GMO moratorium

The Greens of Serbia are calling on the Serbian state to initiate a complete moratorium on the import, production and trade of GMOs and GMO products for 10 years.

The moratorium would impose a prohibition of the import, manufacture and use of GMOs and GMO products even for scientific and medical purposes. This is more restrictive than the solutions from previous proposals and initiatives.

The Greens of Serbia think that Serbia should immediately strengthen the institutions and procedures necessary for a rigorous and complete control of GMOs and GMO products.

The Greens of Serbia’s MP, Ivan Karic, will request a public hearing at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on this issue.

The Greens of Serbia will also propose to the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia a resolution on the need for Serbia to become a country free of GMOs and products of GMOs (GMO free country).

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